UNIDEE 2008 is over!

Josefina Posch, Ahmad Malki, Pavlina Mladenova, Laura Topran.

From the left. Front row: Cristiana Bottigella, Yulia Usova, Yael Bar-On, Christoph Schwarz, Marko Stamenkovic, Manuela Macco, Francesco Bailo, Flávia Vieira, Sakiko Sugawa, Daniel Alejandro Urrea Peña, Nidhi Sundram, Elisa Marchesini, Sarah Vanhee, Yolanda de los Bueis, Jason Waite, Fabio Wuytack. Seated: Josefina Posch, Ahmad Malki, Pavlina Mladenova, Laura Topran.


October 13, 2008 at 12:47 pm


Domenica | Sunday 05.10.2008 Dalle | From 5.00 pm

Presentazione dei progetti di Trasformazione Sociale Responsabile sviluppati dai residenti di UNIDEE 2008
Presentation of the projects for a Responsible Transformation of Society
developed by the residents of UNIDEE 2008

UNIDEE in Residence, il “campus della creatività” di Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, offre ad artisti, curatori, manager di progetti socioculturali la possibilità di diventare attivatori di progetti per una Trasformazione Sociale Responsabile. Quattro mesi di residenza a Cittadellarte: workshop, seminari, dibattiti e collaborazioni progettuali.

UNIDEE in Residence, “creativity campus” of Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, offers the opportunity to become activators of projects for a Responsible Transformation of Society to artists, curators and managers of socio-cultural projects. Four months at Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto: workshops, lectures, discussions and collaborative projects.

I progetti Unidee in Residence 2008 saranno in mostra a Cittadellarte fino al 31 dicembre 2008
The projects Unidee in Residence 2008 will be on exhibition in Cittadellarte until December 31, 2008

In Residence: (Current City / Nation)
Yael Bar-On (Jerusalem / Israel)
Biljana Ciric (Shanghai / Serbia)
Yolanda De los Bueis (London / Spain)
Manuela Macco (Biella / Italy)
Ahmad Malki (Ramallah / Palestine)
Elisa Marchesini (Amsterdam / Netherlands-Italy)
Pavlina Mladenova (Varna / Bulgaria)
Josefina Posch (Gothenburg / Sweden)
Christoph Schwarz (Vienna / Austria)
Marko Stamenkovic (Belgrade / Serbia)
Sakiko Sugawa (Kyoto / Japan)
Nidhi Sundram (Mumbai / India)
Daniel Alejandro Urrea Peña (Medellín / Colombia)
Yulia Usova (Kiev / Ukraine)
Sarah Vanhee (Amsterdam / Belgium)
Flávia Vieira (Porto / Portugal)

Programma | Programme

:: 5.00 pm apertura spazi Cittadellarte | opening
:: 5.00 – 6.00 pm “Alii bella gerunt, tu felix Austria nube” – performance di | by Yael Bar- On, Ahmad Malki, Sakiko Sugawa presso | at Palazzo Ponte Cervo / Cittadellarte
:: 6:30 pm Consegna dei certificati di partecipazione a Unidee in Residence 2008 | Unidee in Residence 2008 Certificates Ceremony
:: 7.00 pm Buffet “Porto and Kyoto zipped together” by Cafeteria – Cittadellarte glocal restaurant

ingresso libero | free entrance

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About Telling Ideas

The last month of the residency is going to start. It’s time for last thoughts on the projects and to try and refine them. On 5th October UNIDEE in progress will take place: residents will present their projects to the public for the very first time. The atmosphere has changed since August. It is possible to detect a sense of urgency all around the UNIDEE spaces: ideas must take the form of words; words must take the form of objects, installations or performances.

From the point of view of an outside observer, as I consider myself, projects are beginning to take shape: visible, touchable and understandable. I think now it is all about using the most effective communicative tool to project these ideas. Or in other words it is all about making one’s ideas visible, touchable and understandable.

The last workshop organized by UNIDEE was (aptly) about communication. In the words of Nik Dee, who organized and conducted it, the WS was about “capturing an idea and presenting it”, “shaping a story and communicating it.”

This is not just about selling an attractive story to an audience of potential sponsors. The ambition is to filter the idea, to polish it, and to order it. We need in the first place to communicate it to ourselves. The aim of the WS was to supply participants with handy tools to carve from a raw idea the critical facts that are needed to use it properly. The exercise of exposing one’s project in just ten or twenty seconds aims to help us in understanding what is the core of the project or, in other words, what is relevant and what is irrelevant in successfully conveying an idea.

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The art of storytelling and presentational skills

(Summary of workshop and preliminary schedule)

It’s about capturing an idea and presenting it.

It’s about shaping a story and communicating it.

We will practice improvised storytelling moving on to retelling stories, hence moving between right and left brain. As we progress you will focus more on your idea/art/profession and learn how to present yourself as well as the concept of which you are working. This workshop aims to give you tools and practice in presenting yourself and your idea, regardless given 10 seconds, 10 minutes or longer quantities of time.

10-13 Introduction and improvised storytelling – Short individual presentation. Awakening our ………..creative competence

13-14 Lunch break

15-16 Retelling of stories – We practice memorising existing stories

16-16.30 Coffee break

16.30-17.30 Toolkit for improved storytelling – Capturing my idea

A little homework.

10-13 Presenting and shaping my idea.

13-14 Lunch break

15-16 Turning my idea into a story.

16-16.30 Coffee break

16.30-17.30 Presenting myself and my idea


Nik Dee, a storyteller, actor, director based in Stockholm, Sweden but with Europe as his working field. MD of Swedutainment, a production company involved in education and arts; mainly theatre, film, broadcast and publishing. Main focus is children, youth and family in “A world of magic and make-believe”.

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Ukranian food

During the UNIDEE in Residence program, there were also a workshop on Ukrainian cuisine. We learned how to make and taste )) Ukrainian pancakes with apples and potato… and of course, a famous Ukrainian soup – borsch.

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UNIDEE in Pictures

Here some pictures taken by Martin Botvidsson.


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Love Difference Workshop

Here some PDF documents about the workshop:

Babelmed.net – The magazine of Mediterranean cultures

Piemontese Centre for African Studies

San Salvario Sound Station



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