Uni-topia:Video Lecture_01 with Kyohei Sakaguchi (artist, musician, writer)

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“0yenhouse!? – A New Direction in Archtecture”

As a part of Unitopia project, UNIDEE 2008 residents are hosting a skype conference on June30th from 16:30.

Sakaguchi Kyohei is an artist based in Japan. Sakaguchi’s first and second books document “homeless” people’s amazingly efficient, human-scale, ecological housings in Japan, which are made out of the materials found in the streets (it’s very common that “homeless people build their houses on river sides, public parks etc in Japan). Sakaguchi kind of opens up a dialogue that has never been discussed, which is, he finds that “homeless people’s lives” are advanced, ecological, self-sufficient with full of creative ideas. The discussions of “homeless people’s issues” have been always, whether you are coming from right wing or left wing point of view, about whether to get them out of the streets. He definitely gives us a fresh perspective when both sides of “homelessモ people’s issues never think of them as someone who practices the most creative way of living.

In this video conference between Biella and Tokyo, Sakaguchi will discuss human-scale, DIY style architecture and a way of living, especially through one homeless man, Mr. Suzukiユs life.

[Artist Profile]
Kyohei Sakaguchi was born in 1978, in Kumamoto, Japan. While he was enrolled in Architecture Department, Waseda University in Japan, he became interested in informal architecture, which eventually led him to publish the book “0yenhouse,” a documentation of creative and unique “homeless” people’s houses. Following the success of his first book, he published another book titled, “Tokyo 0yenhouse” in which he investigates and documents one homeless man’s life. Sakaguchi also exhibits his work nationally and internationally.
Kyohei Sakaguchi_www.0yenhouse.com

[Date&Time] 2008.06.30 16:30 –
[Place] To be announced on Monday.
[Language] English


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