Lecture by Yona Friedmann at Ratti Foundation this Thursday (7/3)

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During the opening lecture, entitled Intelligence starts with improvisation, Yona Friedman will talk about his work and his Como site specific project (visible from 20 July) designed and produced especially for the Antonio Ratti Foundation; on the same day there will also be Corso Aperto, an exhibition project where the young artists of the Course will exhibit their works, projects and documentary material in Spazio S. Francesco and in Como’s streets and piazzas.

Friedman’s Como site specific project is a new version of his recent project Musée dans la rue (2008), originally commissioned by the Municipality of Paris. A new and unique version of the project will be in fact designed and produced in Como, in collaboration with the Course students, as part of the project’s circulation across a number of European cities. Each Musée dans la rue is an agglomeration of transparent cubes and parallelepipeds; placed in various public spaces of the city of Como, each of which bearing different historic and social identities, the Musée dans la rue will become a street museum, a free space for people to leave a sign in. Each Musée dans la rue will become a place of gathering and social relation, a democratic monument in continuous transformation, and a truly public museum. Friedman, as always in his work, has designed a simple basic structure supposed to be activated, modified and completed by the intervention of the user. Musée dans la rue is a public platform, an open space questioning the very concepts of museum, public space and social participation.

Friedman states: “Art can be considered as one of the expressions of the individual related to a community. Art is always addressed to somebody. A work of art carries a message, but does not include the codes with the help of which the message could be understood. The message can be also for the artist exclusively. Everybody has something to send as a message. Thus everybody is a potential artist. There is no object that cannot be looked on as an artwork. We have to facilitate for everybody who feels the need to become an artist, to find a code technically simple to use for his/her message. Such codes have the characteristic to be improvised. Art begins with improvisation, intelligence too. In the Public Improvisations seminar we will explore improvisation, simple techniques, not needing complicated instructions or drawings, plans. For being accessible to a general public, art has to employ simple techniques, easy to implement.Improvised public art can be explored anywhere in public spaces: in streets, in woods, in a hall, on a lake. The site itself is part of the work of art.”

Born in Hungary in 1923, Yona Friedman has been living in Paris since 1957. Architect and a theoretician, he studied in Budapest and at the Technion in Haifa. In 1956, at the X International Congress of Modern Architecture (ICMA) in Dubrovnik, the rational planning typical of the Modern Movement was called into question by his “universalistic” approach and his belief in the role of the individual. In December 1958, Friedman founded the Groupe d’Études d’Architecture Mobile (GEAM) whose focus was adapting architecture to the changes occurring in modern life. He would rise to prominence with the publication of L’Architecture Mobile (1958 ) and his idea of Ville spatiale. With his concept of “superstructures” to be built over existing cities and locations, he has always sought to provide people with the knowledge and tools to determine their own living environment. Friedman advocates a combined analytic and holistic approach. Among his texts are Towards a Scientific Architecture (1975), Utopies réalisables (1976), A Better Life in Towns (1980), Pro Domo (2006). He took part in several international exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale and Documenta, and his works belong to collections of some of the most important international museums. Among his most recent works are the project for the Contemporary and Modern Art Museum of Rovereto in 2006, and his solo shows in Bordeaux (arc en rêve CAPC) and Portikus, Frankfurt.


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Next Wednesday (7/2) Lecture by Giovanna Segre. Economy and Culture Lecture by Pascal Gielen next Monday (7/7)

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