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Ahmad Malki: Visual artist, Ramallah, Palestine:
Nostalgia’ A meeting of cultures and traditions, a combination of styles and varieties of music through a performance of musicians and dancers communicating only through sound and movement. A journey that will continue beyond Italy.


Christoph Schwarz: Media artist, Vienna, Austria: www.marcus.at
European Telephone Directory’ The ideal of a post-national Europe inspired this notion of a printed telephone directory in five volumes, containing all EU phone numbers.
Point of no return’ A video installation documenting the moments before and after an exact calculated point of no return in climate change.


Daniel Alejandro Urrea Peña: Communications project management and Audioarts, Medellín, Colombia:
Forced Displacement’ In response to the current internal forced displacement in Colombia, this proposal uses digital and design techniques to involve the community of Medellín in suggesting change.
IpermediArti’ Aimed to expand the communication strategies of Cittadellarte, this project is a proposal for using audio experimentation, blogging and wiki to spread the vision of Cittadellarte.
Audioguide’ By means of recording and experimenting with audio, the exhibition spaces of Cittadellarte are explained through this particular medium. As a communicative product, this audio guide keeps the clarity of information, as well as including sound experimentation.


Elisa Marchesini: Visual artist, Amsterdam, the Netherlands/ Italy:


‘Untranslatables- a guide to translingual dialogue’: alternative language course and artbook, in collaboration with Sarah V., Christoph S., Yolanda d.l.b., published by Onomatopee (www.onomatopee.net ).

Looking for the Poject


Flávia Vieira: Visual artist, Porto, Portugal:
Fabric Pilgrimage’ Globalisation has affected the textile industry in Biella, and ‘Fabric Pilgrimage’ is a video installation documenting a journey of hope to Oropa, whilst knitting, for the survival of the textile industry.


Josefina Posch: Visual artist, Gothenburg, Sweden, and Biljana Ciric: Curator, Serbia, currently based in Shanghai, China:
Artist in Residence in Shanghai’ Taking inspiration from the structure of Unidee in Residence at Cittadellarte, this project aims to create the possibility of an Artist in Residence in the Asian region, based in Shanghai and working closely with the local culture and artists.


Manuela Macco: Visual Artist and Performer, Biella, Italy:
The Weight of the Head’ Can a relationship between the body and the mind bring about a social transformation? Through performances involving the residents and staff at Cittadellarte, the idea of real unity is explored and documented.
‘Body-Factory’ With the intention of exploring the presence of the body and its movements in the factory, not only in the context of working, but in relation to the spiritual being.


Marko Stamenkovic: Curator, Belgrade, Serbia:
‘MB‘ A presentation of research exploring the subject of labels/brands/trademarks by focusing on the use of the artist’s signature as the main point of reference. This project will develop into a workshop, meeting and public presentation to be held in Belgrade 2008-2009, within the Unidee & UniCredit project.

Nidhi Sundram: Communication Designer, Mumbai, India:
Rainbow‘ With the aim of transforming society into a better place, this communication tool designed for children aims at improving environmental awareness among the future generation.
Tell-A-Tale‘ A workshop with the kids in a school to give them an idea of recycling objects. The Bin bag made out of the rags collects waste, unused stuffs. This bag is named as tell-A-tale, because it has ability to create new stories out of something what is left behind untold, unseen, unheard.
‘Pancha tatva‘ (The five elements) The project stands for the five energy elements, known as Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky as a solution for the future energy problem. This is a functional presentation on the second element; water as a major source of energy in near future.


pavlina mladenova

Pavlina Mladenova: Independent curator and multidisciplinary researcher, Varna, Bulgaria
‘Marketing communications for art’s sake’
Through research based within the local context, the link between art and its communication and marketing is analyzed and assessed in Italy and Bulgaria, within the Unidee & UniCredit project.
‘Word (re) search’
Transformation of an existing specialized language and terminology concerning communications and marketing for arts by concepts of artists and art professionals.


Sakiko Sugawa: Organiser and Media Activist, Kyoto, Japan: hanareproject.net
(with Ahmad Malki, Yael Bar-On and Yolanda de los Bueis)
A website dedicated to internally and externally conflicted groups, offering an online meeting place and a micro-scale conflict resolution.

Sarah Vanhee: Performance artist, Belgium, currently based in Amsterdam.

– “Untranslatables- a guide to translingual dialogue”: alternative language course and artbook, in collaboration with Elisa M., Christoph S., Yolanda d.l.b., published by Onomatopee (www.onomatopee.net ).

The C-project

Performance and conceptual artist, born in Belgium (1980), currently based in Amsterdam. Her work is process oriented and movement-based in the sense that it departs from an interest in the inter-active field between perception and creation.


Yolanda de los Bueis: Visual Artist, Bilbao, Spain, currently based in London:
Access Code’ An installation of video works representing different moments, actions and interventions created by the artist during the residence, which explores concepts of intrusion and deconstruction to reveal realities that are often invisible and more complex than the eye initially perceives.
Looking for Maya Nagari’ A fictional documentary video in which the artist follows the search for a woman who has left India to set up a textile factory in Biella. The work explores the global connections and wider economic issues of local contexts in the textile industry.


Yulia Usova: Curator, Kiev, Ukraine:
Initiative’ A study of art and its relationship with business, through case studies, with the possibility of using ideas inspired from Cittadellarte in Ukraine, within the Unidee & UniCredit project.
Curator as a Living Sculpture’ The project aims to contribute to the ongoing discussion of the role of curator in the contemporary art world through visual questioning and ironic playfulness.
Black Chest of Collective Knowledge’ (in collaboration with Loris Bellan) Though human values have an intangible nature, we can still develop, share, convey, and present them. The project aims to offer us an experience of exploring and communicating old, new, and potentially lost values. The end result of the project may contribute to the ‘Human Values Bank’ project initiated by Cittadellarte’s Economics Office.


Yael Bar-On: Visual artist, Jerusalem, Israel:
(with Sakiko Sugawa and Ahmad Malki)
Alii bella gerunt, tu felix Austria nube’ An interactive installation exploring the symbolic act of a wedding between two sides of the same conflict offering a possibility of not only happiness between two people, but a strategy for peace.

Sakiko Sugawa, Pavlina Mladenova, Elisa Marchesini and Manuela Macco:
University of Ideas at Cafe Teatro – Sociale‘ A series of events at Café Teatro- Sociale, which aims to showcase the residents’ artistic creativity while connecting with the contemporary art and culture scene in Biella. The event series also aims to investigate methods of how to communicate with people who don’t initially choose to participate in the events.

Yael Bar-On and Flávia Vieira:
Made in Biella?’ An installation of research and reflections on Biella’s changing textile industry, exploring both memories of the past and possibilities for the future.

Elisa Marchesini, Sakiko Sugawa, and Pavlina Mladenova:
Power Point Reflection‘ An installation of an event where Unidee residents’ initial ideas are layered and distorted by a series of projections. Ever evolving through the presence of people at Cafè Sociale in Biella.

Sarah Vanhee, Elisa Marchesini, Yolanda de los Bueis and Christoph Schwarz:
Essential Guide for Translingual Dialogue’ A project conceived and developed in the context of AS_Tide, the focus is a collection of words that are particular to their language, that cannot be translated from one language to another, to form a continually evolving art book.

Flávia Vieira, Sakiko Sugawa, and the Cafeteria at Cittadellarte, The Global Restaurant:
Multi-functional products for Cafeteria in Cittadellarte’ The artists have created a series of multi-functional products for the Cafeteria in Cittadellarte to connect and communicate with people who come to and work in the Cafeteria, through playful, interactive and multi-functional kitchen products, which propose different meanings and values through the appropriation and bringing together of different.


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